You already know that your city is the best – time to prove it to the masses.

CityReel runs on local pride, bold competitiveness, and a spirit of connectedness to unite even the fiercest of rivals. Cellphone camera warriors and seasoned filmmakers unite under a common goal: to show their neighbours near and far that their city has it all.


Once your account is set up, fill out your profile so fellow users can get to know you. At any point during the posted contest dates, get out there and film a video clip of no more than 60 seconds that relates to the monthly theme. Once your masterpiece is complete, upload it to the site and tap your entourage for votes and support – social media is your friend!

Once the contest closes, the video with the highest number of votes wins a cash prize.

It's simple: film, share, win.

Good luck! 


1. Your video:

• Videos are limited to 60 seconds. Life happens fast in a city. Your video should follow suit.

• Make sure you upload your video to the correct city page. No one is going to vote for a city on the wrong page!

• File types supported: AVI, FLV, WMV, MP4, MOV, MPEG-4, Motion JPEG, MP3, WAV, M4V, Protected AAC, AAC Audible, MKV, WebM, 3GPP, DIVX, RMVB, WAV, Ogg. For questions about another format, let us know via our contact page.

• The video must adhere to the CityReel Appropriate Content Guidelines. For a refresher, you can find them in our Terms and Conditions tab.


2. How to Win a Contest:

• Democracy in action. The CityReel community will vote for the video that best represents the contest theme. Your video can be funny, fast-paced, gritty ... you name it.

• Your video must be posted inside the contest window. The earlier the better: time is of the esssence to collect votes!

• The video with the most number of votes will win the contest. You can vote for your own video, or any other one, once a day.

• In the event of a tie, a duel will take place. No, not really. In the very unlikely event of a tie once the closin bell sounds, the CityReel admins will make a final call. There are only three of us, so no risk for another tie.


3. Who can participate?

• Anyone who signs up with Facebook, Google, or an email-based CityReel account can participate in a CityReel contest. Once you have logged in, you can vote, comment, and upload content.


4. If you win:

• If you win a CityReel contest, you will receive a cash prize. The CityReel team will contact you via the email with which you registered your account. You will receive your prize via Paypal, Venmo, or cheque.